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RMMtech Talk Anti Virus

3 Ways Your Old Anti-Virus Software is Leaving Your Business Vulnerable

Safety Alert! According to recent studies, anti-virus only stops about 35% of malicious software. There are advanced solutions provided by RMM Solutions that bump that number up to a 99.6% success rate. 

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How to Survive a Ransomware Attack

 It’s not a matter of when anymore. Ransomware attacks can happen at any time and typically happen when someone clicks on an email link or attachment. Listen to our latest RMMtech Talk webinar to learn what to do when a ransomware attack happens, what action steps you can take immediately and how employee awareness training will REDUCE your risk.

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Common Misconceptions About Ransomware Revealed

How prepared are you for a ransomware attack? Learn about the common misconceptions and potential threats to your business' critical data during this RMMtech Talk webinar.

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 See the Latest Features of Shoretel Connect

ShoreTel Connect is breaking new ground! Watch the recording of the RMMtech Talk webinar detailing how the ShoreTel Connect Solutions demonstrates and delivers high quality, reliable communications platforms over the internet.

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Become a Super Hero

Gain the upper hand over your I.T. environment with RMM Solutions integrated tools. Learn how to use X-Ray vision to see what is happening in real-time with live analytics. Enhance your super hero strength with automated mapping of physical and logical topologies. Use the Force to gain insight into what others are doing through a central ticketing portal.

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters can happen anytime so create a plan to keep your company safe. Learn 5 easy steps to ensure you are prepared for everything.

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