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SQL database storage and processing are in great demand, and configuring your database to meet the increased need and use of data is critical.  Whether it’s from a lack of resources or skill set, many companies have not configured their SQL Server database using best practices. In fact, most companies set up SQL Server with the default configuration resulting in performance issues and security risks.

RMM Solutions’ SQL Health Check includes careful up-front analysis of each customer’s needs, using best practices to ensure your systems are running optimally. From setting up proactive alerts to ongoing maintenance, make sure you are getting the most out of your SQL server database.


What is the SQL Health Check Process ?

The SQL Server Health Check Report starts with the discovery process. During this phase, we uncover your business objectives and needs. This involves looking into the future and asking the question "What if". 

The next phase requires us to perform a though analysis and gather information on how and what your database is doing. From this information, we start to comply recommendations.  Our software developers review the analysis on your SQL Server, compare the results to best practices and discover any security issues. 

From all this information, we collaborate and  review the report. Before we leave, we create an action plan with key owners taking responsibilities. This partnership involves multiple steps resulting in you gaining security and efficiency within your SQL Database.

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